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Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. Researching and teaching organization, innovation and entrepreneurship. Also interested in music, film, and literature.

Power games in industrial networks

The most nerdy activity of academia is publishing papers, and the joy of having a paper accepted by a good journal is difficult to share with people outside the trade. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we had a paper … Continue reading

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What does it take to learn technology entrepreneurship?

Practice. This is what it takes, hard work and practice. But this is not all, it also requires systematic learning. I am not talking about (or even interested in) those few (but often famous) one-off entrepreneurs making it by chance. … Continue reading

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Technology Entrepreneurship: Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace

While the manuscript for our new textbook in Technology Entrepreneurship is with the proof-readers, I have spent this semester testing the book as curriculum in my New Venture Creation course at BI Norwegian Business School. Having written it with tecnology … Continue reading

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The two kinds of knowledge (the innovation conflict)

I am in the final phase of writing a textbook in Technology Entrepreneurship together with my good Irish colleagues Natasha Evers and James Cunningham. It will be published by Palgrave Macmillan this fall. Here is an excerpt from the chapter … Continue reading

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The specialization paradox

Good companies tend to specialize over time. This happens partly because competition drives companies to improve continuously, and partly because they get gradually more and more integrated (interdependent) in business networks, where it makes sense to let others do some … Continue reading

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A Fishy Tale: Contrary forces review

Tudor has reviewed my book over at the Leaders We Deserve blog. I am glad to read that he finds the story realistic and relatively typical of how innovation happens in practice. 

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Conflict and creativity

Could someone please investigate the relationship between level of frictions among teams and their ability to solve complex tasks? Or perhaps someone have done it already? I should do a literature search on this.  My suggestion is that conflict is … Continue reading

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