Yes! First project funded

I am excited to announce that we yesterday got the message that we have got funding from the Norwegian Research Council for a project on innovation in healthcare. Together with the Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital and Department of Informatics at the University of Oslo we will study the implementation of a technically advanced new treatment procedure for serious heart diseases. The methods that we will develop in the project will then be used for strengthening the implementation of other similarly high-tech medical procedures in hospitals.

Many breakthroughs in scientific and technological knowledge are not translated into practice in the healthcare sector, despite their potential for improving patient treatment. The reason is often lack of relations between the new technology and the established practice, and that such innovations often go beyond established ICT systems, disciplinary boundaries, and power structures (see Orlikowski, 2002; Newell et al., 2006; Mørk et al., 2010). To succeed with innovation against these challenges, interaction across heterogeneous groups of actors (e.g. clinicians, industrial researchers, management, and practitioners) is necessary. Practice has to be based on complex socio-technical infrastructures, while still be flexible enough to enable change (Aanestad and Olaussen, 2010). Change of practice is even more politicized within healthcare than in most other settings (Dopson, 2005; Nicolini, 2009). Constellations of technologies and actors will gradually become more interdependent, and the innovation process is therefore completely contingent on the relations between the involved actors.


About Thomas Hoholm

Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. Researching and teaching organization, innovation and entrepreneurship. Also interested in music, film, and literature.
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