Easter; time for catching up

We are approaching the end of an incredibly busy semester, both related to teaching and researching. While finding teaching really interesting, I now look forward to having more time to focus on research. Currently, I am writing several articles related to two different sectors:

(1) The food industry is facing harsh competition, particularly related to the concentration of power in distribution. Based on a recent court case between between a large agricultural producer and a large retail chain, we are now analyzing how network power may be established through certain kinds of interaction and negotiation.

(2) The healthcare sector in Scandinavia is facing increased pressure for innovation and more effective use of resources. In turn, this puts pressure on the balance between public and private actors, probably requiring the development of new ways of collaboration across traditional boundaries. Based on long-term ethnographic studies at a large university hospital, we analyze how several boundaries have to be ‘orchestrated’ simultaneously in order to succeed with technological innovation. (2b) We are currently in the process of establishing a new research project on healthcare innovation, with a particular emphasis on the interfaces between healthcare providers , private suppliers, ICT solutions, and users.


About Thomas Hoholm

Associate Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. Researching and teaching organization, innovation and entrepreneurship. Also interested in music, film, and literature. https://helseledelse.wordpress.com/ https://organizinginnovation.wordpress.com/ http://entstudent.wordpress.com
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